Photo: Jude De’Rozario

By Jude De’Rozario

Nov 28 2023

KUCHING — On Sunday, Oct 22, 2023, at the Conference Room, Priest Retirement Home Stutong, a talk regarding Home Bokashi Composting organised by the Ladies Guild from the Chapel of Mother Mary Stutong was conducted by Mathew Benson Mounsey, assisted by Virginia John both of whom are committee members from the Catholic Diocese of Miri’s Creation Justice Commission.

Besides being involved in the Laudato Si’ Workshop, Mathew and Virginia are assigned to do Home Bokashi Composting Talk and Demonstration to the church community or to the public whenever and wherever they are requested or invited to do so.

During the talk, a demonstration was conducted regarding how to make Compost Bin, Bokashi Powder and Composting Organic Waste. – Today’s Catholic