Catechist Henry offering communion at the Easter Sunday Mass

By Joseph Bingkasan

Apr 9 2024

INANAM – Good Friday, Vigil Easter and Easter Sunday celebrations at St Mary’s Chapel, Kionsom, here were well-attended by Catholics from surrounding villages.

They came and took every seat available inside the chapel building and the adjacent multi-purpose hall.

The first two days’ Masses were led by St Mary’s resident Catechist, Hendry Sodikit, while Easter Sunday Mass was presided by visiting Catechist Henry David, the resident Catechist for St Victor’s Chapel, Poring Poring, Inanam.

Henry said, “The attendance for Mass in all chapels now is very encouraging, a far cry when compared to 20 years ago,”

He said in the olden years, the chapel would be like half empty during mass.

According to him, the Catholic population in Inanam had increased tremendously as indicated by the full capacity in all churches and chapels within the Inanam Parish jurisdiction.

He said, like the parish priests, catechists were also being assigned to different churches and chapels during Sunday Mass and celebrations like Christmas and Easter.

“Today (Easter Sunday 31 March) I was assigned to lead the celebrations here, yesterday I was at my chapel (St Victor’s, Poring Poring),” he said.

St Mary’s Chapel resident Catechist Hendry Sodikit was assigned to assist Rev Fr David Sham at St Catherine’s Church, Inanam.

Catechist Henry (fifth from left) in a group photo with KUK chairperson Alice Dosis William, St Catherine’s CARITAS chairperson Flora Sallemuda, altar servers and chapel’s religious officials after the Easter Sunday Mass

Easter eggs were freely distributed to all who attended the Easter Sunday Mass