Church of Mary Immaculate

By Linda Edward

Aug 9 2020

BUKIT PADANG – Following concerns over a positive COVID-19 case in the Church of Mary Immaculate (CMI) on Aug 4, the Kota Kinabalu Health Area Office said on Saturday (Aug 8) that other CMI parishioners who attended the Mass on July 19 and July 26 do not need to take the COVID-19 screening test.

In the statement issued, the health office said parishioners do not have to worry about the COVID-19 situation in that Church.

“They do not have to worry because the risk of infection among parishioners who attended Mass on both days is very low due to the strict adherence to the SOP put in place by the Church.

“Nevertheless, if any among the parishioners who attended the Masses is experiencing symptoms of infection such as fever, flu, dry cough, loss of taste and/or smell and headache, is advised to go to the nearest health facilities to take the COVID-19 screening test,” said the office.

CMI parish priest Fr Paul Lo has on Tuesday (Aug 4) decided to suspend all Masses for two weeks starting Aug 5-18 for the safety of her parishioners, following the confirmation of the positive case.

Many of the other parishioners have been calling the CMI office to obtain information on whether they should take the screening test or not.

For further information, parishioners may call the Kota Kinabalu Health Area Office at 088-726352.


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