Clergy of Archdiocese of KK renew their priestly vows to Most Rev John Wong, Archbishop of KK Archdiocese, Mar 21 during the Chrism Mass

By Euseclara Suah

Apr 18 2024

KOTA KINABALU – Archbishop John Wong said he is happy to be with his brother priest, religious and all people in the annual feast to bless the Oils, consecrate the Chrism and witness the renewal of priestly commitment on Mar 21 during the Chrism Mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral.

“How indeed grateful I am to be with you tonight,” said the prelate, “your presence is an indication of your deep love and loyalty to God, to the church, to this archdiocese, and to your priests and bishop.”

He said the parishioners represented not only people of the archdiocese but also the variety of different gifts, charisms and ministries that enrich the local church.

Archbishop John explained that each one is called to holiness; to the fullness of charity, to love God and our neighbors and to build the kingdom God.

“You are being chosen, as well as being anointed to be the ministers of God, to be sent out as his instruments, as servants of the Word of God. We know very well, through our baptism and our confirmation, we share the loyal priesthood of our Lord Jesus Christ,” said the prelate to the people and invited them to recall “the first day we are anointed with the Oil of Chrism.”

He hoped that everyone can fight the enemy in their life and protect their faith with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

He addressed his priests, “On the day of our ordination as priests, we are anointed with Chrism oil, this time on the palms of our hands by the bishop who said “may Jesus preserves you to sanctify the Christian people and to offer sacrifice to his people.

“Please also be guided by the Holy Spirit to sanctify God’s people, and offer His life as a sacrifice for many.”

All 44 priests and the deacon under the Archdiocese of Kota Kinabalu were present to celebrate the Chrism Mass. Prior to the Mass, the clergy also sat on a half-day recollection which was conducted by Fr Eric Jerome.

The archbishop concluded his homily by inviting the people to reflect and allow the word of God to, “guide you, sink into you and to flow through you to others. Do it today. Don’t wait until tomorrow.”

All priests then gathered round the altar and renewed their vow of obedience to the archbishop and commitment to serve God’s people.

The Archbishop then blessed the Oil of the Sick, Oil of Catechumens and consecrated the Chrism Oil.

After the Holy Mass, Msgr Nicholas Stephen and other priests blessed the parishioner’s oils with holy water.