Live streaming of the program  “Belia, ko mau tahukah?” by youth of BSL


July 3 2020

THE upside of the coronavirus lockdown is that it has allowed us to be more creative and resourceful. With so much time in our hand we get to explore new horizons, learn new skills, acquire new knowledge, try out new ideas, weave new dreams, gain new insights and probably create better, stronger and resilient Christians.

The Youth Committee of the Church of Blessed Sacrament Labuan (BSL) launched a live streaming program entitled “Belia, ko mau tahukah?” in conjunction with the parish feast day Jun 14.

They were driven by the idea that youth are naturally inquisitive and always “wanting to know”.

The program aims to provide a series of topics regarding the teachings of the Church. For example, the inaugural topic presented for the launch was “What are Saints?”

It is the fervent hope of the parish, with this initiative, that youth would be assisted to grow in knowledge of their Catholic faith, with a desire to cultivate a “faith that seeks understanding” of a way of life which ultimately brings them to a more personal and communal relationship with Jesus Christ, especially in the Blessed Sacrament.