CAC Staff are having Christmas lunch during their gathering Dec 22 at the new centre

By Agnes Chai

Dec 23 2021

KARAMUNSING – It’s the first Christmas for staff of the Catholic Archdiocese Centre at the new centre. The staff moved in barely six months ago on Jun 2.

As with all things new, a sense of adventure and an opportunity to shake off routine can give one a sense of fresh perspective and excitement, which the organizing team put to good use.

No one was disappointed as they stepped into the new hall at the centre. The ambience was cheerily Christmas. The tables, draped with cheeky red and white checks, beckoned to be seated. The food displays, with a completely new menu, looked more than inviting. The toe-tapping Christmas music set a lively and fun mood.

As a break from tradition, the Archbishop was not the only one giving a speech. This year the staff got to hear from the Executive Secretary, Dominic Lim.

On behalf of the staff, Dominic thanked God for his blessings and protection, especially in the pandemic. He acknowledged the Archbishop as a caring and kind employer, who in spite of the financial difficulties because of non-collections during the pandemic, has managed to give much relief to staff by maintaining their jobs as well as current salary.

In keeping with the trend in the pandemic, the first video montage of staff’s Christmas messages drew much laughter and the staff enjoyed each other’s bantering about their video presentation antics.

The oldest staff member, Mary Gan, was surprised with a birthday cake. As it happened, her birthday fell on Dec 24.

As another break from tradition, the lucky draws were done away with. The simple exchange of gifts was a reminiscence of the simple family Christmas, intimate and cosy.

As expected, Archbishop John Wong was given the last say before concluding the occasion. With satisfaction going around as far as the gathering was concerned, he proposed, to everyone’s delight, that the same organizing team be maintained for next Christmas.

The team, led by Elsie Mokujin with Sr Terry Loukang as adviser, protested soundly, but eventually with good grace saying they would pray about it!

As the first CAC family Christmas came to an end, its enjoyable aftertaste left its members yearning for more to come.