53 participants from various groups of SHC parish attend a special Mass to celebrate International Women’s Day on 7 Mac 2022 

By Catherine Wan

Mar 11 2022

KOTA KINABALU – “Catholic women are women of God, holy women, and women of the Church who are called to live the holiness which God calls you to, in whatever state of your life, be it a wife, a mother or a grandmother… Thank the Lord for the gift of womanhood in the different services of the Church, and pray for the help of the Holy Spirit to live a life of holiness,” exhorted Fr Paul Lo, parish priest of Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish to the participants at a special mass Mar 7 in conjunction with the International Women’s Day.

In his homily, the parish priest also pointed out the spiritual exercises, such as daily prayer, daily Mass attendance and yearly recollection, will help them to live the life of holiness and to sustain them in their services for the church.  

In the thanksgiving speech after Mass, Anita Tunggolou, chairperson of the Catholic Women’s League revealed that the annual event of celebrating the International Women’s Day was organized within a short time span of 10 days due to the uncertainty of the pandemic situation.

She was thankful for the turn up of women from the various communities, namely, the BM speaking community, the Chinese speaking community and the Light of Jesus Christ Covenant Community. Representatives from the groups participated in the offertory procession.

Though it was a simple Mass to mark the occasion, Fr Paul reiterated the call of the women to holiness and their role in witnessing their faith to the younger generation.