The women group sharing in Synodal Mar 19

By Anita Tunggolou

Apr 8 2022

CATHOLIC Women’s League (CWL) of Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish responded to the call of the Archdiocese to conduct a Synod Process for its members Mar 19 at the parish centre.

The Synod Process is inaugurated by Pope Francis as a “time to look others in the eye and listen to what they have to say, to build rapport, to be sensitive to the questions of the sisters and brothers” in the journey together as a Church towards the Synod of Bishops 2023.

The consultation process began with a briefing from parish priest Fr Paul Lo, who imparted to the group information on the formation and history of the Vatican Council, linking it to the importance and purpose of the Synod of Bishops.

The parish priest also emphasized the importance of being involved in the process, adding that it is not to change the teachings of the Church, but for the Church to listen to the voices of God’s people concerning their faith life and experience in the diocese.

The members were then placed in four smaller discussion groups to facilitate an effective “listening and walking together” in small setting, focusing on the three main elements of the theme of the Synod of Bishops “For a Synodal Church: Participation, Communion and Mission”.

Dwelling on the prepared questions from the parish: A) Communion: Companion on the Journey, B) Participation: Dialogue in Church and Society, and C) Mission: Sharing Responsibility for Our communion, the group submitted their findings to the parish.

The group has a positive experience of journeying together as a group, as well as with others in the parish/diocese. This stems mainly from knowing the mission of the Church and being open to get involved and wanting to participate in the parish activities.

As a group among many other groups under the parish, they believe in co-responsibility in the mission of the Church. They are open to dialogue, to build rapport through fellowship, to be part of a bigger team, and in promoting volunteerism, especially in reaching out to the marginalized and the poor.

The CWL, a group of dedicated women, exists in the parish to assist the parish priest in looking after the welfare of the church and in carrying out fundraising activities.

Fr Paul Lo did the enthronement of the Bible before the Synodal Process