Mass in Chinese presided by Fr Sunny Chung 

By Catherine Engsun

July 13 2020

BUKIT PADANG – The parishioners of the Church of Mary Immaculate (CMI) here could count themselves truly blessed when the church extension works completed on time to reopen for public Mass with the rest of the Archdiocese.

CMI opened her doors to parishioners after 15 weeks of forced shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The two Sunday Masses were scheduled at 8.00am (English) and 11.00am (Chinese). The first Mass was presided by Archbishop John Wong, whilst the second Mass, by Fr Sunny Chung. 

Protocols were observed in full compliance with the Standard Operations Procedures (SOP) imposed by the authorities.

The number of attendees at the 8.00 am Mass filled up 90 percent, while at the 11.00 am Mass 50 percent of the allowable number of parishioners of 300 people or 1/3 capacity of the church. 

Pre-registration of parishioners was done prior to the reopening at the Sacred Heart Parish office from Jul 2-10. 

The Parish Health Team, Liturgical Team, volunteers and parishioners showed commendable restraint in the smooth and orderly manner in which the SOP was fully adhered to by both Masses attendees.

CMI will also have daily morning Mass from Monday to Saturday at 6.30am. No pre-registration is required.