Handing over of food items by Jenny Ho to George Maison with Sr Anita James looking on

By Agnes Chai

Oct 20 2020

PENAMPANG – If It is true that love has no divide, then a group of “brothers and sisters” from the Basel Church is living proof.

The recent flash floods that hit many parts of Penampang have caused untold misery and difficulties to residents in devastated areas of the district.

Though the floods came fast, love came close on the heels. Pastor Simon Chong lost no time in getting touch with his Catholic priest-friend, Fr Paul Lo to see how they could help alleviate the plight of the flood victims.

With the help of the St Michael’s parish human development committee, headed by George Maison, thirteen families were identified as in dire need. These families were already hit hard by the pandemic, the destruction caused by the flood added salt to the wound, to say the least. Added to the loss of personal and household items, were their need for food and other daily essentials.

Food items such as rice, eggs, cooking oil, dried noodles, creamer, beverages, sugar, etc were packed for each family. Basel Church member Jenny Ho, who represented the “good Samaritans”, handed over to Maison Oct 17, in the presence of Sr Anita James at the Sacred Heart Cathedral, for onward distribution to the affected parish families.

Even in times of social distancing, we can safely reach out in mercy and love. God is calling his people to be a blessing and, most importantly, to provide hope to those who are in need. Though there are many inconveniences, challenges, and frustrations in times like these, God grants us a spirit to see these as avenues of service to others. God is at work in each of us.