The first batch of milk has arrived Oct 16 for Semporna locals

By Agnes Chai

Oct 17 2020

KOTA KINABALU – COVID-19 has once more brought out the best side of humanity even as it plunges humanity into its darkest hole.

On the spur of a moment of need, Sacred Heart Cathedral Human Development Committee (SHC-HDC), in partnership with Mercy Malaysia and other individuals, raised over RM25,000 to alleviate the plight of Semporna locals who were faced with zero supply of milk for their children during lockdown.

The targeted lockdown (TEMCO), which was implemented by the authorities Sep 29 to curb the second wave of the coronavirus, has caused an unprecedented situation in the eastern town of the State where milk supply and other essentials have run dry.

In response to the cry of babies and children, SHC-HDC mounted an immediate milk charity drive which saw many responded generously, both in kinds and in cash. Mercy Malaysia responded as the collecting centre, as well as sourcing the milk and loading the precious supplies for onward transportation. The first batch of milk has arrived Semporna Oct 16 for local distribution.

Semporna is a city on the east coast of Sabah, located at the tip of Semporna Peninsula around Lahad Datu Bay. It has a population of around 135,000, mainly dominated by the Sea Bajaus living in sprawling stilt villages over the water on the outskirts of town. 

The milk charity is one among many COVID-19 situations to bring out the best in people and the organizations to which they belong. In these moments of darkness, it seems, there are countless moments of light – small gestures of compassion and connection that allow people to show who they are, and what matters to them.