By Agenzia Fides

Feb 2 2021

YANGON – In this difficult and critical phase for the future of the country “we must live in a spirit of vigilance and prayer”, especially by praying for peace. With this appeal, the Auxiliary Bishop of Yangon, John Saw Yaw Han, addresses the Catholic faithful, while the population is concerned and disoriented at the military intervention and the declaration of a state of emergency.

While Cardinal Charles Maug Bo, Archbishop of Yangon, is visiting the Kachin State for pastoral reasons, his Auxiliary Bishop Saw Yaw Han addresses the people of God.

Priests should also be particularly vigilant: “For security reasons, they should be vigilant and control the people who enter the church complex”, says the appeal. In order to maintain the unity and coherence of communication, priests, religious and parish priests are asked “not to issue individual statements”, as this could be contradictory and thus create further uncertainty and confusion. Priests are invited “to oversee liturgical services and encourage all believers to pray intensely for peace in Myanmar”.

Aware that the social situation could become critical, it is also called upon to “provide food reserves to avoid shortages” and “also take care of stocks of medicines to ensure the health of the people”. Finally, for any particular situation, alarm or emergency, all the ecclesial communities in the area are urged to contact Bishop John Saw Yaw Han without delay.

Meanwhile, a seven-point appeal was published a few days ago, promoted by religious leaders of different communities, members of “Religions for Peace of Myanmar”, and signed by Cardinal Charles Maung Bo, on behalf of the Federation of the Episcopal Conferences of Asia. The text called on the rulers, ethnic, political and military leaders, and all people of good will, to “work harder for peace and reconciliation” (see Fides, 26/1/2021) (PA) (Agenzia Fides, 1/2/2021)