Pope Francis expelled Pio Aclon, who served in the Diocese of Borongan, after an enquiry; the decision was read in all parishes. For the Bishops’ Conference, “there will be no cover-up on the sexual abuse cases involving the clergy.”

MANILA (AsiaNews) – Pope Francis has dismissed a Philippine priest from the clerical state for sexual abuse of minors.

Pio Aclon carried out his ministry in a minor seminary in the Diocese of Borongan, Samar Island. Following complaints that proved to be founded, the diocese suspended him from his functions.

In a statement, which was read yesterday during Sunday Mass in parish churches, chaplaincies and chapels, the diocese announced that he was “no longer a cleric and cannot exercise priestly ministry in the Church”.

Likewise, on its news service, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) states: “Pope Francis has repeatedly apologized over the abuses, and vowed to confront abusers and restore justice”, adding that “there will be no cover-up on the sexual abuse cases involving the clergy.

The CBCP has set up an office to protect minors and each diocese is required to develop its own system to handle reports of sexual abuse or misconduct in accordance with guidelines established by the Holy See. – Asia News