Rescue teams work to save residents at a bombed building in Kyiv  (AFP or licensors)

By Devin Watkins

July 4 2022

Pope Francis renews his appeal for peace in Ukraine, and calls on the international community to step back from confrontational rhetoric.

“Let us continue to pray for peace in Ukraine and throughout the world.”

Pope Francis offered that invitation at the Angelus prayer on Sunday, adding that the “world needs peace.”

He said peace cannot be based “on the balance of arms or mutual fear”, saying such a strategy would “turn the clock back by seventy years.”

“I appeal to the Heads of Nations and International Organizations to react to the tendency to accentuate conflict and confrontation.”

Overcoming confrontational rhetoric

The Pope said the war in Ukraine “should have—and still could—become a challenge for wise statesmen capable of building a better world for future generations through dialogue.”

“With God’s help, this is always possible!”

However, added Pope Francis, nations need to turn from a paradigm in which the world is divided among conflicting powers and toward a world united in mutual respect.

“We need to move away from strategies based on political, economic, and military power and toward a project for global peace.”

Vatican News