Pope Francis giving video message 

By Mireia Bonilla

Mar 8 2024

Pope Francis sends a video message on the occasion of the solidarity concert ‘Cadena 100 for Peace,’ organized by the Spanish Bishops’ Conference-run Catholic radio, which aims to promote peace and help those who suffer.

“I thank the artists who have united talent with such generosity to help innocent victims, but above all because they have shown that art, music can become messengers and instruments of peace to build bridges.”

With these words of gratitude in a video message, Pope Francis addressed the organizers of the solidarity concert ‘Cadena 100 for Peace’, organized by the national Spanish radio belonging to the Bishops’ Conference.

The concert will serve to collaborate on a project with which Manos Unidas, a Catholic Church in Spain-supported NGO, will distribute humanitarian aid to some 200 families in the West Bank and Jerusalem that have been affected by the war in the Middle East.

This year marks the fifteenth edition of this initiative, in which great national and international artists join their voices to make a plea for peace. The initiative comes from the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem and will provide humanitarian aid to about 1,000 people.

It will do so by purchasing and distributing essential items such as blankets, warm clothing, shoes, heaters, hot water bottles, and water; for the little ones, diapers, bottles, pacifiers, teats, hygiene items, and baby formula; and also school and basic supplies for children who, in the context of war, continue to go to school every day.

In his message, Pope Francis directed his thoughts once again to “martyred Ukraine” and to “Palestine” and “Israel.”

He recalled populations victimized by destruction and devastated by war, while giving thanks to organizers “for not having looked the other way” and for “committing to those who are directly suffering the effects of wars.”

Tickets for the concert have sold out in record time. – Vatican News