By Agnes Chai

Nov 24 2020

WITH the virtual launching today, Nov 24, a new ecclesial network is born in the light of the Pan Amazon synod: RAOEN, River Above Asia Oceania Ecclesial Network.

The positive experience of REPAM which brought together the Churches and organisations in Latin America to focus the light on those living in, with, by the forest, the water, and the indigenous; the highlights on ecological conversion of Laudato Si; and the apostolic exhortation Querida Amazonia from the Pan Amazon Synod have provided the source for other ecclesial networks such as RAOEN to become a reality in other parts of the world, Asia Oceania.

RAOEN’s mission is to develop, integrate, and mainstream a coordination framework, within the diversity of Asia Oceania, to pave a way forward together to rediscover and live a more human and more integral way of being with the whole of Creation.

Pope Francis wanted us to see that the future of humanity lies in the hands of those who live a simple life, centered on the essential, that is the relation to God, to human brothers and sisters and to the environment. The world, being on the verge of collapse, is now called to convert and shift towards a life of compassion and solidarity. 

RAOEN is not to add one more in an already overburdened action plan, but to share a space, a platform for coming together. It has the endorsement of the Oceania-Asia Church leaders. 

Drawing from the inter-federation ecclesial network, RAOEN seeks to foster collaboration and sharing of limited resources towards an understanding of what is possible in the care for our forests, oceans, and peoples from among the Church, local communities, and other Catholic organizations within and beyond Asia Oceania.