Social distancing in South Korea

By Asia News / Agencies

Nov 9 2020

There are 89 new cases of Covid-19 infection, bringing the total to 27,284. The total number of deaths is 477. Starting today, new security measures are taken at five levels, adapted to different situations, depending on the spread of the virus. Total lockdown is only when there are at least 800 new cases of infections per day for a whole week. South Korea is currently below the lowest level.

SEOUL – To date, new coronavirus cases in the country are below three digits. Up until four days ago they were above that figure.

Health authorities have confirmed that there are 89 new cases of Covid-19 infection, bringing the total to 27,284. A patient died yesterday, bringing the total death toll to 477.

Of the 89 cases, 72 are local infections; the others are all imported cases. Of the 17 imported cases, six are South Korean and 11 are foreigners. The countries of origin are the USA, Russia, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, France, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Algeria, Liberia and Ghana.

Starting today, the authorities have decided to apply more appropriate measures to different situations, according to the extent of the epidemic. The measures are established on five levels.

Level 1, the lowest, expresses controllable transmission of the virus. The population can live normal life, but wearing masks and practicing social distancing.

At present, the whole country is below level 1, minus the city of Cheonan, which saw an increase in cases this week. It and the nearby city of Asan are at level 1.5.

Level 1.5 imposes some restrictions on operations and mobility.

Level 2 means that the pandemic is spreading across the country. It entails recommendations to curtail visits outside and non-essential gatherings in the affected areas.

Level 2.5 is triggered when the spread of the virus puts the health system in serious difficulty. In this case, the government asks the population to stay indoors.

Level 3 is when there are at least 800 new cases of infection every day for a full week. In this case total lockdown is triggered.

South Korea is one of the countries where the control of the epidemic has been most successful, without ever having reached a total lockdown. AsiaNews