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By Watoto Asia

Aug 17 2020

Choir 103 may finally be able to go home! The Choir could not return to Uganda as scheduled because of the unexpected pandemic. They have managed the challenges well for the past 5 months, with support and encouragement of friends and partners in Malaysia.

As Uganda’s borders are still closed, it makes the costs of returning the Choir home very high, exceeding our budget. Therefore, we are now raising funds. You can support this effort through the purchase of a concert pass and/or a donation.

We will need to organise a special repatriation flight back to Uganda. This will cost around USD60,000 which will include flights, medical tests, transportation, meals, accommodation for quarantine etc. Excess funds will go to Watoto Child Care Ministries.

Online Fundraising Concert Details:

Date: 29 & 30 August 2020 (Two Concerts)
Time: 7:00pm MYT/HKT
Pass Prices: HKD40 (~MYR21/SGD7) / HKD100 (~MYR54/SGD18) / HKD150 (~MYR81/SGD27)
Buy the pass@: OR

For more information, please contact:
Kenneth Wong (MY/SG) on +601127272379
Abby Chan (HK) on +852 98587893
Lau Suen Yan (HK) on +852 92437687