Participants of the Altar Servers Workshop together with Fr Robert Jissem

By Kelvince Del

Feb 9 2024

SERIAN — The annual Altar Servers Workshop for St Theresa’s Parish was held on Saturday, Jan 27 2024 at St Mark’s Church, Kpg Triboh Serian.

The workshop was open to all altar servers from six different kampongs in the Simunjan Zone, and over 67 youths participated. The day began with a registration and welcome session, followed by a sing-along from St Mark’s CYM and continued to a presentation by Mr Alvenloon, the St Theresa Altar Servers assistant chairman.

Alvenloon spoke about the importance of the altar server ministry and the things that are required during the Holy Mass. After his presentation, the altar servers went for a short break before continuing with the next talk presented by Mr Christ aided by Mr Kelvince Del. The talk was about knowing the Holy Mass. Mr Joachim gave the last talk about altar servers procedure, what they need to do and not do during the Mass.

The workshop concluded with a Mass celebrated by Fr Robert Jissem. In his homily, Fr Robert thanked the altar servers for their service and encouraged them to continue to grow in their faith.

The Altar Servers Workshop is an annual event that provides youth with the opportunity to learn more about their ministry and to grow in their faith. The workshop is also a great opportunity for altar servers to meet other youth from around the parish and to make new friends. – Today’s Catholic