The lighted candles at the altar of St Peter’s Columbarium. (Photo: Contributed)

June 21 2020

KUCHING — Throughout the various phases of our country’s “Movement Control Order” (MCO), St Peter’s Columbarium (SPCo) in Kuching has received numerous requests for candles to be lighted on their behalf at the columbarium for their departed loved ones.

It is understandable that regular visitors of the columbarium would feel downhearted as they are not able to be physically present there during this COVID-19 pandemic, due to the temporary closure of SPCo. Therefore, we recognise the significance of providing this service of lighting a candle for the dearly departed on behalf of their families. It is our sincere hope that this little act of service will give them peace and comfort in their hearts.

SPCo also received requests from people residing overseas, to light a candle for their departed loved ones who are not interned at SPCo. To cater to the needs of this special request, an area in front of the altar inside the columbarium has also been dedicated for these dearly departed, and also for the fallen victims of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This exclusive service gives people around the world, an opportunity to offer a votive candle—a symbol of prayer and remembrance—to their departed ones, especially when they are not able to physically visit them at their final resting place.

We hope that through this service, we will be able to help the families and friends to hold their departed loved ones close in their hearts during these uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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