Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Wilfred Atin giving his talk to the Catechetical facilitators, Sunday School Teachers of Penampang Parish on the half-day Recollection Seminar at St. Theresa Infant Jesus Chruch, Kolopis. January 18, 2020 (Soccom, Penampang)

By Soccom Penampang

February 12, 2020

KOLOPIS, Penampang – Annual recollection is made compulsory for Catechetical committees, facilitators and Sunday School teachers effective this year, said parish priest Fr Wilfred Atin.

He said this during Mass which he presided at St Theresa Infant Child Jesus Church at Kolopis, the zone host for the celebration of Catechetical Week this year.

The mandate was in order to better equip the parish catechists/facilitators with knowledge of current and incoming issues pertaining to the Catholic faith in the face of today’s challenges presented by a borderless world, and advance information technology that could easily stir and undermine their faith if not addressed effectively.

In referring to the recent issue on the emergence of SSPX activities in Kota Kinabalu, the rector pointed  out that if we were not updated, we could be easily be influenced or be challenged on matters pertaining to the faith.

The day-long celebration, which was themed ‘Mencari, Mengenali dan Mengongsikan Christus’ (Seek, Know, Share Christ) began with a half-day recollection. It attracted more than 300 parish catechists, Sunday School facilitators and teachers across the Penampang parish.

Catechetical Pastoral Ministry, which was headed by Dr Freddie Robinson, organized the program, with Fr Atin as the main speaker.

This year saw many activities being organized, including children drawing competition, Bible quiz, Song, Dance & Drama and others.

 As it was required for parents to participate in every competition, it soon became evident that the crowd was better engaged.

As the event came to a close, Kinarut zone was announced as 2021 host, followed by the closing ceremony by assistant parish priest Fr Gilbert Marcus.