South Korean biopharma giant Celltrion

By Asia News

July 27 2020

Biopharma giant Celltrion announces clinical trials following government approval.  Antibodies will be used to fight the coronavirus outbreak, which hit China and Korea hard.

SEOUL – South Korean biopharma giant Celltrion announced clinical trials for a potential vaccine against COVID-19, after South Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety gave the green light.

The first stage began July 24 in collaboration with Chungnam University. The treatment is based on the antibodies developed by the human body during the infection. The hope is to understand how to reproduce them in the laboratory.

The first quarter of 2021 will see the application of the protocol to coronavirus patients still infected. According to some scientists, this could help understand how to speed up the development of antibodies.

South Korea, along with China, was initially hit hard by the COVID-19 outbreak. The South Korean government has repeatedly stated that it wants to do everything possible to eradicate the viral threat as soon as possible. – Asia News