During one of the games

By Bernard Anthony

Aug 2 2023

PERAK – A special outreach programme, with a prayer and reflection session was held at the Gereja Ibunda Maria in Kg Chang, located approximately five km away from Bidor town recently.

The gathering was attended by nearly 60 Orang Asli Catholics, including 35 children aged between seven and 17 years old.

The event also welcomed the presence of a group of Catholics from Kuala Lumpur, who collaborated with parishioners of the Chapel of St Joseph, Bidor. Among the attendees were the chapel’s chairman, Augustine Savarimuthu, Alice Jabaimalar and the Orang Asli Catholic lay leader, Junaida. The event started with a prayer session, followed by hymns in Bahasa Malaysia, in which everyone participated. Junaida led the prayers followed by a reflection on John 8:12 and Matthew 5:14-16. The Orang Asli attendees, especially the young ones, were motivated to follow the example of Jesus Christ and become beacons of light in the world. They were inspired to share Jesus’ message through their words and actions within their community and beyond, with an aspiration that people see the light of Jesus shining through them.The 90 odd people mixed and mingled over a catered lunch before moving on to play indoor games like the balloon competition. Participants of all ages took part enthusiastically and walked away with many prizes.

The 35 students beamed with joy when they were each given a school bag, bath towel, Rosary, pillow, biscuits, snacks, a litre of drink, 2B pencils, holy water, and a toothbrush.

The outreach programme aimed at bringing God’s love to the young and to encourage them to deepen their faith life, by reciting the Rosary daily, with family members. Before leaving, the KL group also visited five dilapidated non-Catholic homes to give pillows and biscuits to the residents. They then proceeded to the Church of St Mary, Tapah for a prayer session with parish priest, Fr James Pitchay.

Fr James, also the chapel administrator for Bidor and Kg Chang, encouraged Catholics to help the poor, especially those living on the fringes of society. He also commended the city Catholics for working with his parish in caring care for the poor and encouraged them to continue their mission. – Herald Malaysia