By Teresa Alberto

June 11 2020

GRAB has become the most convenient transport for me – no worries about parking, no worries about traffic jam, no worries at all!

This easy and ready to go transportation has amazed me with many stories. The Grab drivers would share their positive and frightening experiences, frustrations, latest political sagas, exciting opportunities, family tales, how they managed foreign visitors, anxiety to work long hours and the updates of our country. I have become more and more informed!

There was a time when a Grab driver shared his story that he needed the Grab job to take care of his family, and that his daughter, who was suffering a terminal illness, was in the Hospital Q1. He took turns with his wife to care for his daughter in the hospital after his Grab run from 5 am-6 pm. I told him that I would pray for his daughter and his family, and he shed tears and was grateful.

My arrival distance would always seem short, as they would have so much to tell.

But what I enjoyed most is sharing Jesus with them. I normally take Grab to Church. Whether a Muslim or Christian driver, they would always ask to pray for them. There were times we would sing Christian songs together, they would share of their encounter with Jesus and of how they were “saved”, they would have smiles of joy when they talked about Christ, and the journey would be made even more meaningful for me.

I am always excited when I get a Grab driver to Church. If he is a Muslim, I would talk about God in general. The knowledge shared about religion was truly enriching. If it is a Christian, I would enjoy evangelizing and the joyful story would continue with the driver.

The Grab drivers too are evangelizers in their own ways, especially the Christian ones who, without shame or fear, hang the rosary or cross in their cars and play “lagu rohani”.

So, it is not simply a ride. It is a ride of “Grab Jesus” whenever, wherever, for this is the best avenue to share Jesus!

It is always a pleasure to leave with a “God bless you”, and I have received same blessings from unknown persons. I may never meet the same person again, but the blessings shared will go a long way!