Fr Sunny Chung co-presided the Malaysia Day Mass with Fr Paul Lo, Sep 16 at Sacred Heart Cathedral

By Catherine Wan

Sep 18 2020

KOTA KINABALU – Despite the ongoing safety protocols required during the COVID-19 pandemic, 200 or so parishioners of the Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish attended the Malaysia Day Mass Sep 16.

The Bahasa Melayu language Mass was presided by Fr Sunny Chung and concelebrated by parish priest Fr Paul Lo. The Mass was also broadcast live for the faithful to participate at home.

Fr Chung urged the parishioners, as citizens of Malaysia, to pray for the country so that peace, prosperity and progress can be lasting, on the occasion of the nation’s commemoration of the 57th anniversary of its founding.

In calling to mind the coming state election, he advised the faithful as voters to elect wisely their representatives. They must be leaders who defend the rights and interests of the people of Sabah, and safeguard the welfare of the future generations.

He reiterated that the elected representatives must represent the voice of the people and consider the overall situation of Sabah as they do their best to serve the interests of the people.

He reminded that though we are made up of people of different beliefs, we must respect each other’s religion and unite to pray for leaders who would be guided by the Holy Spirit, filled with wisdom, and who strive hard for the well-being of the public.

He prayed for the faithful that they would be people of the Kingdom of God who live out their faith in the true spirit of ‘Merdeka’ (independent), who stay away from sin, and grow close to God.

At the end of Mass, Fr Lo also gave a word of advice to the faithful. He urged them to make wise choices in the coming state election on September 26, to elect leaders who truly unite the people, and reject all extremists and money politics that play with race and religion issues. Finally, he reminded people to be thankful for our beautiful country Malaysia.

After dismissal, the congregants were invited to sing the National Anthem and State Anthem, praising God with gratitude for He has given us a country and the state.