Catholic nuns join a peaceful protest in Myanmar on Feb. 28 to call for an end to military rule. (Photo by Pinky Pinky/Radio Veritas Asia)

Dec 23 2021

Catholic faithful in Myanmar have expressed support for the call of Church leaders not to sing Christmas carols or hang Christmas decors to show solidarity with those most affected by the political situation in the country.

“I agree with the announcement of the dioceses because the Church should be in solidarity with the suffering people,” said Father Peter Kyi Maung of Radio Veritas Asia’s local language service in Myanmar.

“It is not good to be enjoying and celebrating in the funeral house,” said the priest, adding that Christians should be “prudent and able to read the signs of the time.”

Catholic nun Patricia May Oo Khaing of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Francis Xavier said everyone should stand for “the cause of justice for brothers and sisters who are in trouble and are abandoned.”

Father William Soe, a director of the Office of Social Communication, encouraged everyone to “silently pray for our home country” by reciting the Rosary, performing Eucharistic adoration, and attending online Masses.

“When people are struggling to survive and shed their blood and gave their lives for the common good, we should not have joyful celebrations,” said Sister Bridget Nant Htay Shin, SFX.

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