Devotees carry their personal images of the Child Jesus, known in the Philippines as the Santo Niño, as Filipino Catholics celebrate the feast of the Child Jesus on Jan. 17. (Photo by Jire Carreon)

Jan 19 2021

On the occasion of the feast of the Santo Niño (Holy Child) in Manila, Bishop Broderick Pabillo, apostolic administrator of the archdiocese, called on the faithful to fight child abuse especially during the pandemic.

“If we are really devotees of the Santi Niño we should be united in fighting the exploitation of children,” said the prelate during Mass at the Archdiocesan Shrine of the Santo Niño in Manila’s Tondo district on Jan. 17.

“Devotion is not only shown in prayer, it is manifested in various ways such as giving importance to children and their rights,” said Bishop Pabillo.

“It is true that we take care of our children, our nephews, grandchildren, but we may neglect other children,” he added.

The prelate cited the many victims of violence, human trafficking, sexual abuse, and online sex in the country, adding that even in homes and in churches children are being abused.

“Even in the church, child abuse occurs,” he said. “That’s why pedophilia in the church is a big scandal and we deeply regret that,” said Bishop Pabillo.

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