First Holy Communion in the Church of Mary Immaculate Nov 15


Nov 24 2021

BUKIT PADANG – Over the span of two evenings Nov 15-16, 49 children received their First Holy Communion at Church of Mary Immaculate (CMI). The Mass was celebrated by parish priest Fr Paul Lo. 

In compliance with the present SOP, the attendances to both Eucharistic celebrations were limited to catechists, servers and parents only.

On the first evening, Fr Lo spoke about faith.  He compared our physical life, which needs food to grow, to our spiritual life which needs to grow by taking spiritual food. 

He explained that this spiritual food is the Eucharist, which on this special day, the children would receive the Body of Christ for the first time. 

Addressing the children, he asked whether they believe that the small ‘white bread’ is Jesus Christ.  

He told them that we need faith to believe as faith is not only to see what is on the outside but more of what is inside. 

He then reflected on the Gospel reading of the day (Luke 18:35-43) where like the blind man whose unwavering faith in Jesus gave him back his eyesight.  “…and he followed him praising God, and all the people who saw it gave praise to God for what had happened.” 

Similarly, for the people who were facing persecution as told in the 1st reading (1 Maccabees 1:10-15. 41-43. 54-57. 62-64) that their faith gave them courage to stand firm and refuse unclean food…”They chose death rather than contamination by such fare or profanation of the holy covenant, and they were executed.”

The following evening, Fr Lo asked the children if they were happy to receive Holy Communion for the first time. 

They should be very happy, he told them, because the Body of Christ, also known as ”bread for the angels”, is given them and all of them looked like angels in their white attires. “Holy Communion is not only for angels but for all of us who are baptised and growing up in the church,” said Fr Lo.

First Holy Communion in the Church of Mary Immaculate Nov 16

He explained that during the Liturgy of the Eucharist, the priest would use the words of Jesus to consecrate the bread and wine to become the Body and Blood of Christ.  When we receive the ‘bread’, we receive Jesus Christ the King. When we receive the ‘bread’ and said ‘Amen’, we believe and receive the true blessings of becoming one with Jesus. 

Reflecting on the Gospel reading of the day, (Luke 19:1-10) Jesus chose to go to Zaccheus’s house, and by the love that Jesus showed him, he became a changed man and even decided to give half of his property to the poor and pay back four times the amount to those he had cheated. 

It is the same for us, said the parish priest, when Jesus comes to our ‘house’ which is our hearts, he will change and renew our life.  And when we receive Jesus’ love, we too must do to others just like what Zaccheus did.

Overall, Fr Lo was impressed by how well prepared the children were for their first confession.  He advised them to have regular confessions throughout the year, and reminded them that from that day onwards, once it is allowed, they must attend Mass every Sunday to receive Holy Communion. In doing so, they would become the source of encouragement to their parents to attend Mass. 

He also thanked the teachers for giving their time and effort in preparing the children as he knows how challenging it has been to conduct lessons online.

Church of Mary Immaculate congratulates all children on their First Holy Communion and thanks the teachers for their hard work and parents for their support.