Pope Francis during his weekly General Audience | ANSA

By Francesca Merlo

Aug 27 2020

Pope Francis focuses his weekly General Audience on the importance of equality and sharing of goods in order to reflect God’s love for us and for Creation during this time of trial caused by the pandemic.

Pope Francis opened his catechesis on Wednesday by inviting the faithful to “welcome the gift of hope that comes from Christ”, especially during the pandemic, in which “many risk losing hope”.

The Pope explained that it is Christ who “helps us to navigate the tumultuous waters of sickness, death and injustice, which do not have the last word over our final destination.”

Continuing his catechesis on Healing the World, the Holy Father focused on the universal destination of goods and the virtue of hope.

Pandemic and social inequalities

Pope Francis went on to note that many social inequalities have been “highlighted and aggravated” by the pandemic. Many children are unable to continue receiving their education while many others instead can; some people are unable to continue their work from home, but many others can; and many nations cannot issue money to deal with the emergency without harming their financial future, while others can.

“These symptoms of inequality reveal a social illness. It is a virus that comes from a sick economy…the result of unequal economic growth, which disregards fundamental human values.”

“In today’s world, very few rich people possess more than the rest of humanity. It is an injustice that cries out to heaven!”
Reflecting the design of Creation

This “sin of wanting to possess and dominate our brothers and sisters…nature and God Himself…is not the design of creation”, said the Pope.

He reminded the faithful that God gave the earth to all of us to care for and cultivate. God invited us to dominate the earth in His name, cultivating and tending it like a garden, “everyone’s garden”.