Deepening Course for Catechists serving in the Sunday Services, a few years back in Bundu Tuhan

By Rita Lasimbang

Sep 15 2020

The Kadazan Audio Bible (New Testament) recording by the KK Archdiocese was launched on 2 May 2016 in conjunction with the 17th Archdiocesan Kaamatan Celebration held at Holy Family Church, Telipok.

The audio recording of the Kadazan Bible (New Testament) was then converted into SD cards by Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH), whose ministry is to bring the Word of God in audio form to people all over the world who lack the resources to own the Bible or can’t read or live in a country that restricts access to the Bible through the media. The Audio Bible SD Cards can be read by an instrument called the Proclaimer.

The Proclaimer

Trainings in facilitation of Audio Bible Listening Groups

 After the launching, trainings on how to use the instrument–the Proclaimer and facilitation of Audio Bible Listening Groups were conducted in several parishes/churches such as St Michael Penampang, Holy Nativity Terawi, Holy Trinity Inobong, St Thomas Kapayan, Assumption of Our Lady Church, Sugud, Penampang, the Lay Apostolate Ministry of St Michael Penampang and during the Tahap 1 and Tahap 2 Catechists Training Courses at Bundu Tuhan.

The Proclaimers are then used in Sunday Schools, Mission Tadikas, KKDs, communities, families and during meetings of the various LAMs.

Various mission trips have also been conducted to promote the use of the Proclaimer throughout the State.

Collaboration and the use of the instrument–the Proclaimer is greatly encouraged for it is a blessing  that we have such tool to assist us in carrying out the Great Commission of bringing His Word to all nations, so that all may be numbered among the nations in Revelation 7:9 (Quote Rev 7:9).

The Proclaimer has to be especially helpful for catechists who are directly involved in assisting with Sunday Services in outstation areas among grassroots. The instrument is equipped with a solar charging panel so that even in remote areas without electricity it can still be used. 

While undergoing their trainings as mentioned earlier, the catechists were very much excited to receive the Proclaimers as their tools for assisting in the mission of evangelization. According to the trainers and to use a metaphor, they were like farmers who were waiting for their farming tools and when they were given the tools, they were so excited because they are now able to till the field.

Promotion of His Word among the grassroots via the Proclaimer

The Archdiocese cannot emphasize this enough that listening to His Word among the grassroots via the Proclaimer, the target users being our catechists, must be further promoted. 

Hence, the mobilisation and facilitation of the Audio Bible Listening Groups will be in collaboration with the Archdiocesan Catechetical Commission as one of the effective channels.

Catechists will undergo a training on facilitation of audio bible listening groups and how to use the Proclaimer.  The training session can be casual but training will take at least 2 hours (with practical).

 The training in facilitation of audio bible listening groups comprise 5 pillars as follows:

  1. Listen to His Word (Regularly and progressively, on NT, from Matthew to Revelations and repeat),
  2. Listen in a group (in order to be able to discuss),
  3. Discuss over what was heard, why it impacts us and what we should do (Use the 3H – Head, Heart, Hand),
  4. Follow up (answer questions, take photo monthly), and
  5. Testify (conversion stories & faith testimonies).

Conditions of getting a Proclaimer

The Proclaimer is free but it is only on loan. Therefore there are a few conditions to fulfill:

  1. Must listen in a group regularly
  2. Must send a photo report once a month
  3. If the Proclaimer is not used, it needs to be returned.

Choice of combinations of languages in the SD Cards for the Proclaimer               

The Proclaimers come with SD Cards containing Bibles in 4 languages.

*Alkitab Versi  Borneo (AVB), ENGLISH, KADAZAN, DUSUN


*Alkitab Versi  Borneo (AVB), ENGLISH, BONGGI, INDONESIA


*Alkitab Versi  Borneo (AVB), ENGLISH, HAKKA,INDONESIA




You can also access the audio bible in the language of your choice via the App.

For further information, you may contact Sr. Dariah Ajap, Head of the Archdiocesan Catechetical Commission at 013-873 5623 or Rita Lasimbang, Initiator of the Kadazan Audio Bible Project at 013-851-5177.