Part of the attendance at the dialogue

By Joseph Then

Aug 10 2023

SERIAN — The St Theresa’s Pastoral Centre Building Committee held a dialogue with the Ketua Gereja Kampung and Catholic community leaders on 8 July, 2023 at the Church Hall to discuss the implementation of the project.

As Building Committee Chairman Dennis Sung was uncomfortable to deliver his speech, Treasurer Anthony Taguk spoke on his behalf to appeal for financial assistance from the government, all well-wishers and parishioners to implement the project as soon as possible for the benefit of the parishioners.

Treasurer Anthony informed that the proposed 4-storey St Theresa’s Pastoral Centre will be built on Lot 142, Serian Town District, Serian adjacent to the main Church facing the Pan Borneo Highway. The 3-blocks’ Centre will house an auditorium, multipurpose hall, offices, library/ archive, classrooms, rest rooms, rooms for lounge, pantry & utility, public toilets and car parks etc to facilitate the requirement.

As the site of the proposed Centre is a flood prone area, the building site needs very costly earth filling before any work can be done. Thus, the project is estimated to be built at a high cost.

Tai Ngan Development & Construction Co. is assigned to clear and carry out earth filling for the proposed Pastoral Centre.

Anthony Taguk said that the Committee needs financial assistance from the Government, well wishers and parishioners for the project.

“Everyone of us, especially the parishioners of Serian Parish must work hard to have our family project to be implemented by contributing fund generously,” urged Anthony Taguk, before he introduced his easy Family Contribution Method in order to pool small resources to help accomplish the project. 

The Family Contribution Method was then clearly introduced, explained and unanimously agreed and adopted by the Committee and those present after the questions and answers section.

The Committee came ready with T-shirts with the picture of the proposed pastoral centre at the back, for sale to launch the fundraising. Sales were encouraging.

Generous donors can also contribute either by handing over their donations personally to the Parish Office at the ground floor of the main Church, Serian or by banking to Hong Leong Bank, Serian with receiver ST. THERESA’S PASTORAL CENTRE FUND, Bank account number: 03300013158. – Today’s Catholic