Sri Lankan Cardinal Albert Malcolm Ranjith leads a Christmas Mass at the Christ King Church in Colombo on December 25, 2022. (Photo by Ishara S. Kodikara / AFP)


Jan 31 2023

Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith of Colombo urged Catholics in Sri Lanka to “fight for justice” and not become “sacristy Catholics.”

“We need a laity who are ready to get down to the streets and fight for justice and do what is right for society,” the cardinal said at the 40th Anniversary of the Deva Dharma Nikethanaya in Colombo earlier this month.

The prelate, who has been vocal in his criticism of government policies, said the Catholic Church needs mature Christians who are fit for leadership.

“We have to change the outlook of the Church. Today, we no longer need such sacristy Catholics,” said Cardinal Ranjith, adding that the Church should not be “bishop-priest centered.”

“The Church needs Christians who will commit themselves for Christ and follow his example. We do not need spoon-fed babies,” he said.

The cardinal also urged bishops and priests not to be afraid to hand over responsibilities to the laity.


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