Mourners carry a coffin of a Covid-19 victim in Mexico City | ANSA

By James Blears – Mexico City, Mexico

Aug 19 2020

Mexico needs 200 million plus Covid-19 vaccine doses to cover its 125 million population, but a major pharma company says it could take until April of next year to effectively launch production.

In cooperation with Argentina and Mexico, pharma giant Astra Zeneca aims to produce 400 million doses to help Latin America defeat the coronavirus pandemic.

The Mexican Government is also considering other options, including direct cooperation with the British Government. It hopes to bring the realm of possibility to its hard-hit population.

The dearth of tests throughout Mexico aren’t showing the true extent and depth of the infection rate.

A long haul

Mexican Deputy Foreign Minister Martha Delgado estimates that Astra Zeneca has the capacity to produce between 30 to 35 million vaccines per month.

She predicts two doses per person will be needed to provide effective and necessary protection.

But if 200 million are needed, it’s going to realistically take some time to create blanket protection.

Trials won’t be completed until at least November or December, with perfected vaccines not being available until April next year.

Deadly tally

Mexico’s reportedly underestimated death toll is over 57,000, with more than 525,000 people who’ve been infected.

But these tallies are expected to radically rise.

It currently ranks third in terms of death toll, behind the United States and Brazil. Everyone is in this for the long haul. – Vatican News