By Agenzia Fides

Oct 12 2020

SUVA – “In my missionary life, I discoverd that I was evangelized by the poor”, said Sister Torika Wong, a citizen from Fiji, who served as a missionary in the Philippines in the Archdiocese of Davao, Mindanao, Philippines for 18 years.

“For 18 years I worked at a pastoral level among the marginalized, prisoners and street children. It was a very demanding ministry. In difficult situations I often felt vulnerable, but I experienced the power of God in my life and I realized that I was really just an instrument in the hands of the Lord. God’s grace enlightened me and led me to a true conversion so that I could trust him and allow him to use me as an instrument of his love and compassion for humanity, especially for the marginalized”.

Sister Torika recalls that the origin of her vocation goes back to the Bible passage from the book of the prophet Isaiah, who says: “Here I am, send me”, which this year is the central theme of World Mission Sunday, which is celebrated in all the world on October 18. “God gave me the faith to respond and venture into the unknown. Whenever I was assigned a new pastoral ministry, I was called to say my ‘Here I am’.

“I know and believe that the Lord is always by my side. I remind all those who feel called to go on missions that God is taking the initiative, that He is calling and will always be on their side. He walks by their side and will always protect them”. (MM) (Agenzia Fides 9/10/2020)