The children are using face mask in the classroom

By Catherine Wan

July 7 2020

KARAMUNSING – The Shan Tao Kindergarten (STK) is finally allowed to resume classes after more than three months with strict SOP imposed by the government at the final recovery stage of the MCO.

STK, under the Sacred Heart Church of Kota Kinabalu, began classes on July 1, 2020. Two days before the reopening of school, the Board of Governors arranged for a professional cleaning company to provide comprehensive sanitizing of the school to ensure a clean and safe environment for teachers and students. In addition, the teachers carry out daily sanitizing before and after class.

Daily from 7.00-7.40 am, students with masks arrive at the school and line up at a safe social distance, and have their attendance and body temperature taken by the teachers.

In keeping with social distancing, children are divided into two groups to take turns in coming to class. Each day only half of the students attend class, and the other half the next day, until the fifth day when classes are done online.

As part of the SOP, the student’s body temperature is taken three times a day: before entering the school, in the classroom and before leaving the school. Students take turns for washing, sanitizing, and use of bathroom. In addition, the school has taken up to provide refreshment for the children

For the first two days after the reopening, student attendance is at 40 percent only. The school has a total of 160 students, ten teachers, a headmistress and a finance/admin officer. Besides, there are two female staff in charge of preparing food and cleaning. The operating funds of the school rely solely on school fees. Parents are encouraged to make payment of fees online.