108 English Sunday Faith Formation students received their first Holy Communion (FHC) during the 6.00 pm English Sunset Mass presided by rector Fr Paul Lo and concelebrated by his assistant priests, Fr Russell Lawrine and Fr Terans Thadeus in SHC on Oct 21 2023

By Catherine Wan

Nov 15 2023

KOTA KINABALU – On World Mission Sunday, Sacred Heart Cathedral (SHC) congregation shared the joy of children mostly age 10 years old, from Sunday Faith Formation, in their receiving of the First Holy Communion (FHC) during Mass on Oct 21 and 22.

A total of 243 candidates who received the First Holy Communion (FHC) during the Sunday Mass were of various languages in SHC (see photos) presided by rector Fr Paul Lo and helped by his assistant priests in the English Sunset Mass and Chinese Sunday Mass. Meanwhile Fr Terans presided the BM Mass for FHC.

52 Chinese Faith formation students received their first Holy Communion at the 7.00 am Chinese Sunday Mass in SHC on Oct 22 2023

54 FHC students from BM Sunday Faith Formation posed for a group photo with the presiding priest, Fr Terans Thadeus and teachers after the BM Sunday Mass on Oct 22 2023

A total of 29 FHC students (15 children and 14 adults) from BM RCIA together with Fr Terans Thadeus and facilitators, after the BM Sunday Mass, Oct 22 2023

Receiving first Holy Communion is always an anticipated and memorable experience for the eager children who had taken efforts with the help of the Sunday Faith Formation teachers and parents, to prepare their hearts and minds to encounter Christ in the real presence of the Eucharist.