Bonaventure Francis Tating posing for photograph with Ractor Fr David Sham and Mr Paul Augustine, MPP Chairman, St Catherine Church Inanam

By Michael Guntili

May 6 2022

A parishioner from St Michael’s Church Penampang, Bonaventure Francis Tating reacted in shocked disbelief when he received a call from the organizer that his ticket won a Proton Saga.

The Proton Saga was a grand prize offered in conjunction with the fundraising campaign organized by the School Board of Governors under St Catherine Church, which was drawn on the 1st May 2022.

The fundraising campaign was organized to meet its commitment to upgrade students’ learning infrastructure with modern Internet Technology.

Tating only purchased one ticket worth RM100 and struck a new car worth $38,000.

When asked how he got the ticket, he responded that his sister is married to a parishioner of St Catherine and he bought the ticket from his brother in law.

When asked what car he is currently driving, he responded that he is driving an old model Proton Saga, and now he will have the use of two Proton Saga, which he will keep as a sweet remembrance in the years to come.

The organizer only printed 1500 tickets which were fully sold with the strong support and cooperation of the pastoral council and the various church communities.