Archbishop John Wong reading the Gospel before the procession at Palm Sunday Mass Mar 20 at Sacred Heart Cathedral

By Agnes Chai

Mar 29 2021

KOTA KINABALU – It is because of His love for us that Christ went through ‘Holy Week’. What kind of Love is this? Love to redeem each one of us, says Archbishop John Wong.

The Archbishop celebrates Christ’s Love during the commemoration of Palm Sunday, also called Passion Sunday, Mar 27 at Sacred Heart Cathedral.

Palm Sunday, the first day of Holy Week, commemorates both the suffering and death of our Lord Jesus Christ, and His triumph and victory.

Who is the King and Saviour that we have welcomed into our hearts and lives as we commemorate Palm Sunday? Do we know Him?

He pointed out that we need to know who it is that we welcome into our hearts for we only welcome those that we know.

Referring to Christ, He is not the powerful king that the world is desiring, but a servant King who serves and saves, underlined the Archbishop.

He (the Lord) is one who is rejected by His own people, though He is the Son of God; He not only emptied Himself and became man, even lower than man – but became a slave and died on the Cross. Do we desire and welcome this kind of king into our hearts and our homes then?  wondered Archbishop.

If yes, we have to follow His step; and His step is a constant emptying and humbling of self,” revealed the Archbishop.

He added, just as Jesus entered into Jerusalem on a colt, He comes into our lives with meekness and humility. Do we welcome Him with open hearts?

As revealed by the prophet Isaiah, it was because of love that Jesus made no resistance, neither did He turn away from any insults. He offered His back to those who struck Him, His cheeks to those who tore at His beard. He did not cover His face against insult and spittle.

The Archbishop urged the faithful to journey with Christ in this Holy Week and prepare ourselves well by “heeding His lesson of patient suffering and so merit a share in His resurrection” so as to receive this Perfect Love.