Eva (seated left) with crews of Online Radio KekitaanFM after the interview Feb 17 (Photo: Kekitaanfm Facebook)

By Euseclara Suah

Feb 26 2024

KENINGAU – Online Radio KekitaanFM had invited Eva Robert, 26, a local artist who painted the Mother Mary image in a traditional Sabah costume, to talk about talent and the challenges of faith, Feb 17.

In the radio interview, Eva shared her faith experiences as a Catholic, especially when she was on a mission trip abroad.

She began to serve at the age of 18 when she was in the University where her desire to be involved in volunteerism was fulfilled.

Through this, Eva learned to be more open, humble, and grateful for what she has in life.

It was through Mother Mary’s call and answer to do the mission that had reminded Eva of Mother Mary and of her desire to get involved in volunteerism or mission trips.

In addition, Eva believes that prayer and hard work will lead everything to smooth sail because the balance between studying and spiritual life can be achieved by making a timetable.

“Our identity as a Catholic does not depend on looks or status but by showing love to others,” Eva answered when asked how she is proud to be a Catholic.

Eva said the church is a place to find one’s identity and one can be involved in numerous activities to shape one’s self and life.

“Family also holds an important role to teach values ​​of the church to the children because this supports community life,” said Eva.

Eva said the image of Mother Mary in traditional costume was inspired by her friend from Sarawak. Eva completed her first painting of Mother Mary and Jesus in traditional Kadazan costume in 2021 during the virtual SYD 5.

“Praise to the Lord alone” said Eva ending the interview, “because the painting came from God, not from me.”