Fr Simon Lau during the Liturgy of the Funeral Mass of Catechist Helen Goh, looking on beside him is Fr David Ho

By Sibu Soccom

Feb 9 2024

SUNGEI MERAH, Sibu – On Jan 30, family members and friends of Catechist Helen Goh gathered at the Church of St Teresa, Sungei Merah to celebrate her “Graduation” from life.

Helen Goh, 85 was called by the Lord on Jan 27, 2024, on the eve of Malaysian Catechetical Sunday.

Her beloved husband, Joseph Ho, was also called by the Lord on the same date on Jan 27, two years ago, in 2022.

For many years, both Joseph Ho and Helen Goh were catechists of the local Catholic Church.

The theme for this year’s Catechetical Sunday, taken from the scripture of 1 Peter 4:10 said “Like good stewards of the varied graces of God, use whatever gift each one of you has received to serve one another.”

Indeed, the life of catechist Helen Goh had manifested the good stewardship of God, using the gifts that God had given her to bring the good news to people around her.

God blessed her life with five children, amongst them, Fr David Ho, was offered to God to serve his people.

Her generosity is seen this morning, with the reward of the love of Christ, in her funeral Mass, where 20 priests from the Diocese of Sibu, gathered in communion to bid her farewell.

In his homily, Bishop Joseph Hii wished Helen Goh well on her graduation from her life of faith, hope and charity.

Bishop Joseph Hii reiterated the most precious grace of life is the sacrament of our Baptism, in which Jesus Christ had conquered death with his great love for us, by entering into death himself. God the father raised him up from the death through resurrection.

Through our baptism, we were buried with Christ and we shall rise with Christ.

He reminded all baptized to “celebrate our Baptism”, also the main theme for Sibu Diocesan Pastoral Assembly.

20 priests from the Diocese of Sibu, gathered in communion to bid farewell to Catechist Helen Goh who was called by the Lord on the eve of Malaysia Catechetical Sunday