Advent activity on ‘Displaced Like Jesus’

By Vatican’s Migrants & Refugees Section

Dec 9 2020

Especially impacted on many humanitarian emergencies that affect millions of people during the global crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Pope Francis reminds in his Urbi et Orbi Message Apr 12 that “this is not a time for forgetfulness. The crisis we are facing should not make us forget the many other crises that bring suffering to so many people” (Urbi et Orbi Message, 12 April 2020).

The Vatican’s Migrants and Refugees Section has created two Advent activities to encourage us to join Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) on the path towards Christmas.

 Here are two novel ways to help us continue carrying out Pope Francis’s message for the 2020 World Day of Migrants and Refugees during Advent.

The first is a calendar to use in your home, parish, community, youth centre or anywhere else. It is to help you pay special attention to internally displaced persons while you live Advent fully. The calendar presents Pope Francis’s thoughts, reflections, prayer intentions, and much more.  And you can post images every day from the virtual Advent calendar onto your social media. Remember to tag us!

The second is a creative and enriching activity called “Displaced like Jesus”. It is an opportunity to learn about the reality which displaced persons experience. This game will help you to encounter the least of our brothers and sisters, to get a deeper knowledge of their lives, and to learn about good practices.

You can download all the materials and the instructions from the following links below.

After hanging up the Advent calendar or while playing “Displaced like Jesus” with your friends, take a photo and send it to We will post your beautiful and interesting photos on our M&R social media.


Advent activity ‘Displaced Like Jesus:

Displaced Like Jesus Activity

Displaced like Jesus – Instructions HD       Displaced like Jesus – Activity


Advent Calendar To Print: 

Advent Calendar – Instructions&Legend      Advent Calendar Page 1      Advent Calendar Page 2


Advent Calendar for your social media:

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