Teresa Alberto

By Teresa Alberto

June 25 2020

COVID-19 has left many stories behind… both sad and happy!  Each story has a lesson to learn, a memory to keep and an experience to feel.  For about three months, the world stood still and we went through changes in our lives.

One of the biggest changes is not being able to celebrate Mass in Church and to receive Holy Communion.

When I was invited to train online, I shared with the audience that COVID-19 has done us good!  Everyone was shocked. Yes, it has indeed taught us to see life from a different angle. 

It has given time for the world to heal… it has cleaned up the air, we have more clear skies, clean streams; our sea and land creatures are happier; it gives us time to reflect and renew. 

This includes our faith where we become more aware that God is with us and wants to visit our home more often.  We need God more than ever, and the situation hums on us to cling to God every day.  God becomes the center of our lives (again!) and He comes often as long as we open up and want Him to.

I was calm and peaceful during the MCO.  The three months have given me time to do many things that I have procrastinated, and I enjoyed the solitude. 

One of the things that I enjoyed most is my time with God.  I need no mask to be with Him.  He is my Protector, Healer, Provider, Buddy and Companion.  No secrets, no hidden agenda, nothing to be ashamed of.  When I talked to Him, I don’t need to wear a mask because He knows it all. My relationship with God becomes more authentic.

A mask may be necessary for the new norm but it certainly is not needed when I am with God!  No social distancing. No emotional distancing when it comes to be with God! 

Leave your mask…!  Alleluia!