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By Catholic Sabah

May 26 2022

KINARUT – As the State of Sabah gradually moves into the COVID-19 endemicity phase, the Montfort Youth Training Centre (MYTC) is now open to accept new application for its five vocational training programs starting in July 2022.

MYTC two-year residential course is offering five programs, namely, Motor Vehicle Mechanics, Shielded Metal Arc Welding, Furniture Making, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Mechanics and Oil Palm Plantation Conductorship.

Frederick Mah, Director of MYTC, said in their press release May 23 that the centre is now back in full capacity operation.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has prevented MYTC from accepting new recruits in year 2020-2021. Having entered into the endemic phase, we are now able to operate with full capacity.

“We offer skill training and character formation opportunities for young people. We target boys’ age 16 to 22 years old. Our target groups are the orphans, youths from single parents, large and poor families especially from the interior of Sabah and Sarawak,” said Mah.

Montfort Youth Training Centre located in Kinarut is an institution for Technical, Vocational, Education and Training (TVET). The 23-year-old institution emphasises on a holistic approach in character building and behavioural development.

The all-rounded training programs nurture living skills and are tailored to instil character building in discipline, guidance, formation, soft and leadership skills.

MYTC’s mission is to cultivate good attitudes and positive traits which will nurture and transform the trainees to be a resourceful people for their families, communities and the society.

Tan Sri Datuk Bernard Giluk Dompok, Chairman of MYTC, said the programs offered in Montfort has really benefited the young people and they’ve been receiving good feedbacks from employers.

“We have produced more than 1,200 graduates since our inception in June 1999. Most of them have been successfully employed in industrial, manufacturing, oil and gas sectors, hotel industry and oil palm plantation sector especially in the State of Sabah.

“The Montfort program has benefited them tremendously. The feedback from employers has been both encouraging and motivating,” said Dompok.

MYTC is inviting and encouraging underprivileged youth from especially Sabah and Sarawak to apply for these courses. Application forms and information about Montfort Youth Training Centre can be obtained from MYTC website: or contact Mr Evayner / Madam Meta G. (mobile no. 019832 3101) or Tel: 088-755 811 / 815 or via email address: