Fr Wilfred Atin with assistant parish priests and Parish Pastoral Council and Finance & Property Council celebrate the 130 years of Good News to Penampang Parish, Sep 29 at St Michael Church

By Linda Edward

Oct 1 2020

PENAMPANG – Fr Wilfred Atin, parish priest of St Michael Church, has renamed three chapels located in Sukang Mabpai, Tiku and Buayan after considering some pastoral reasons and after consulting the communities in the areas.

Mary Immaculate Conception Church Sukang Mabpai is now named ‘Nativity of Mary Church Sukang Mabpai’, while St Patrick Church Buayan is now called ‘St Pope John Paul II Church Buayan’ and Chapel Mary Mother of God Tiku renamed to ‘Chapel Mary Mother of the Church Tiku’.

In Sukang Mabpai, located about 8 km from Donggongon town, Fr Atin said, “the reason for the change of name is to avoid confusion to the faithful with a bigger Church nearby of the same name ‘Church of Mary Immaculate (CMI)’ at Bukit Padang.”

Meanwhile in the interior Buayan located about 27km from the town, a new church building for Buayan community is being constructed on a new site, hence the reason for the new name, he said.

In Tiku, located 6 km from Buayan, the chapel’s name is changed because “it is difficult for the community to celebrate her Feast day which falls on Jan 1,” explaining that the Feast day for the new name falls on the Monday after Pentecost.

Fr Atin announced the renaming of the three chapels in his speech after the Mass celebrating 130 years of the coming of Good News to the Penampang Parish, Sep 29, at St Michael Church.

At the ‘low-key’ celebration due to COVID-19, he also presented the parish aspirations entitled “Towards an Amazing Parish” which focuses on improvement in parish administration, pastoral, finance and property.

“The parish aspirations urge parishioners to understand the parish’s visions and realize their calling to be part of it.

Caritas Christi Urget Nos (The Love of Christ Urges Us) is the source of all our aspirations towards an amazing parish,” said Fr Atin.

St Michael parish has established a Tribunal Office early September this year as her latest pastoral improvement.

Among her on-going and future planning are centralizing parish administration, updating data system, regular meetings on pastoral issues, proper demarcation of zone boundaries, Faith Formation Centre for lay leaders and Youth Formation Centre.

Fr Atin said the parish is also planning to be a financially self-generating parish by generating income through taking care of parish cemetery, parish cafeteria, parish hall, parish retreat centre, parish spiritual camping sites and souvenir shops.