Teachers and staff of St Francis Convent Primary School with invited guests, Archbishop John Wong, former principals, Board of Governors, SFC Alumni and Parents-Teachers Association, at the Appreciation Dinner Nov 25 at Putera Ballroom

By Linda Edward

Nov 27 2022

BUKIT PADANG – Archbishop John Wong said he admired how teachers continue to impart knowledge using all kinds of mean especially the media since the pandemic and he applauded the perseverance shown by teachers for still continuing to serve the children during difficult times.

He said this at the Appreciation Dinner for teachers of St Francis Convent Primary School (SFC) Nov 25 at Putera Ballroom here.

“I thank you, all teachers under the guidance of principal Pn Dora Lai, for your commitment, generosity and especially your love to the school as well as to the children.

“Even though the students that you are teaching are not your own children, I believe you treat them as your own children. You share with them and are committed towards them.

“May you continue to give your service to the children that God has entrusted to your care,” said Archbishop Wong.

Meanwhile Lai said 2022 has been a fruitful year after the pandemic. The Classroom Assessment (PBD) results has confirmed the outstanding outcome of SFC students on state level when the school was awarded the ‘Mekar Award for Terbaik PBD’.

“We are very proud of our students’ achievements across the school both in academic and co-curricular which were greatly supported by the commitment of our dedicated teachers, who achieve so much for a comparatively small package but with big results.

“We have inaugurally started a group called the MyCommunity In Action (MyC.I.A) and the first activity was Wall of Knowledge. The main objective is to enhance school-teacher-parents’ relationship, respect and trust,” said Lai, and said that they will involve parents in more intentional programs in the school.

Lai acknowledged the continuous support of the Board of Governors including providing funds for physical development and programs in the school.

The Appreciation Dinner was also organized by the Board as a token of gratitude to all teachers of St Francis Convent Primary School.

Catherine Engsun, Chairperson of the Board, affirmed the teachers that their efforts and sacrifices have not gone unnoticed.

“The first work of a teacher is teaching, to make complicated things easy to understand, for the students. That is the magic that they have. But this magic does not come for free. They put all their efforts, hours of practice, thinking, research, to make things easier.

“It is for all their tireless efforts and unstinting sacrifices that we are gathered here tonight to show our appreciations. Time and effort are difficult to quantify or monetize and I hope that our teachers and staff will accept this Appreciation Dinner as a token of our gratitude,” said Engsun.

A total of 58 teachers and three staff attended the dinner. The school also acknowledged 17 long-service teachers who have served for 10 to 32 years.

The teachers relaxed themselves to a sumptuous dinner, dancing, karaoke singing and to a number of Lucky Draw prizes.

Also present were former principals, Winnie Kual, Sr Cecilia fsic and Teresa Goh; President of St Francis Convent Alumni, Dymphna Ubing; Chairman of Parents-Teachers Association (PTA), Vivian Leong and FSIC Mother General, Mother Frances Mani and Sr Dolores Siganul.

Archbishop John Wong with long-service teachers of St Francis Convent Primary School, Catherine Engsun (3rd from left) and Principal Dora Lai (5th from left)