An image of Our Lady appearing to Negro Manuel

By Vatican News staff reporter

June 21 2022

Pope Francis sends a video message to the Missionary Movement of Francis as the group kicks off a cultural historical walk in honor of Our Lady of Luján.

Pope Francis on Monday sent a video message to the Movimiento Misioneros de Francisco, the Missionary Movement of Francis, on the occasion of the inauguration of the “Negro Manuel’ Cultural Historical Walk of the Virgin of Luján” (Paseo Histórico Cultural ‘Negro Manuel’ de la Virgen de Luján).

In his message, in Spanish, Pope Francis expressed his desire to be close to all those accompanying the missionaries as they inaugurate and bless the Historical Walk.

The Pope recalled that “our longing is to accompany the memory and devotion of Our Lady of Luján to this place, to accompany the patience of ‘Negro Manuel'”. This walk, he continued, is one that goes “through the history and life of ‘Negro Manuel'”. 

In conclusion, the Pope assured all the missionaries of his closeness and blessing.

“May the Virgin keep you, and may ‘Negro Manuel’ intercede for you all. And let us go forward, with that simple faith, with that faith that is the faith we received from our parents; it is the faith of our people. It is the faith that changes history.”

Finally, he prayed that the “the Virgin of Luján may watch over you, whilst “Negro Manuel” show you the way.” – Vatican News