By Asia News / Agencies

Nov 5 2020

Governors, public opinion and markets were prepared for the worst. The leadership in the two Koreas would like the re-election of Trump, like the Japanese one. According to the Indians, the outcome of the vote will have no impact on relations with Washington. Vietnam and Taiwan want the re-election of “The Donald”, able to stand up to China.

HONG KONG – Asian countries do not seem worried about the uncertain outcome of the US elections: after four years of Trump administration they are used to the uncertainty that characterizes Washington’s political action. According to analysts and experts, rulers, public opinion and the markets were prepared for the worst.

In the eyes of many governments on the continent, the victory of Democratic candidate Joe Biden is preferable as he is considered a “more predictable” leader; at the same time, despite his unorthodox ways, Donald Trump is viewed more favorably for showing he can stand up to China.

According to some analysts, in the halls of power of the two Koreas the preference goes to the current president: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Southern President Moon Jae-in still focus on Trump’s “direct” diplomatic approach in the region. However, South Korean public opinion would like a change, given the threat from “The Donald” to reduce military support in Seoul.

In India, the impression is that the trajectory of relations with Washington will not change, regardless of who wins the electoral contest. The two countries will continue to strengthen bilateral relations, especially cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region to counter a possible Chinese advance.

Observers in Australia fear instead that internal instability in the US extends to foreign policy, with a domino effect that would alter the balance in some sensitive areas of Asia, such as the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea, where the geopolitical weight of China is growing strongly.

Political leaders in Japan seem to be hoping for a victory for the Republican candidate, while the bulk of the population leans towards Biden. For its muscular action against China, Vietnam prefers the tycoon’s reappointment. The same reason why Trump is preferred to the Democratic candidate in Taiwan .

The leadership in Thailand is also hoping for Trump’s triumph: the White House tenant has normalized relations with the “coup” government of former General Prayuth Chan-ocha, who fears that a Biden administration could adopt rhetoric in favor of the democracy and human rights.

In Indonesia , experts think the end result will have a temporary impact on the country’s politics and economy. – AsiaNews