Brendon with Fr Sylvester Wong, Alice Dosis William and his proposer Vernon Martin after the baptism

By Joseph Bingkasan

Apr 12 2024

INANAM –  A 22-year-old youth from Kota Marudu was successful in his application to join the Royal Malaysia Police.

Brendon  Yus  Lexsius  was at first having second thought of going for the police constable training at Langkawi, in Peninsula Malaysia.

“I passed all the required physical examination, qualified for the post of a policeman, but I was not spirituality ready for what I might have to endeavour during the training,” he said.

Then Brendon met with St Mary’s Chapel, Kionsom Catholic Community Committee chairperson, Alice Dosis William.

“When I told her I had completed my pre-baptism study, she arranged for my baptism before I left for Langkawi,” he said.

Alice said she had arranged for Brendon to meet Fr Sylvester Wong. The priest agreed for Brendon to be baptized and so he was baptized on Feb 20, 2024.

“So, he was baptised and received his First Holy Communion before he left for Langkawi,” she said.

Physically, mentally and spiritually ready, Brendon had since left for Langkawi for his policeman training.