Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

By Teresa Alberto

July 30 2020

“All things have been handed to me by my Father” Mathew 11:27

Teresa Alberto, Stella Maris parish Tanjung Aru

Working behind the desk for 30 years have brought me through an interesting journey.  Learning the ropes of being efficient and effective in handling administrative matters was my number one priority.  Not afraid to fail and rise again and again, has shaped me to learn many new things, and one of them is to develop passion in training. 

Training has given me a new light, a meaning of life, a purpose to pay forward, to share what I have learned and to unlearn. 

I became more passionate in training and this passion has paved ways for me to meeting people and expanding my network.  The more I share the more I learn, and the more my mind opens to new ideas and creative ways to reach out to my audience.

At first, I was skeptical about taking up training full time, as it does not pay as well as my permanent job does.  The more I resist the more offers I receive, which I could not resist.  I call this ‘divine intervention’!

I prayed and prayed if this passion of mine is for me to make a daily living out of it.  God plays a very important role in my final decision to take training as my full-time work. He is my teacher. He coaches me. He provides for all my journeys so that they run smoothly. He provides ideas and enthusiasm when I am stuck in the middle of a training (many times) so that I say the right things at the right time!  He challenges me to unlearn many times so that I can learn other new things and be more creative.  He teaches me how to share Him with the people I meet.  It is an amazing journey!

The opportunities poured in and I responded. By trusting Him, I know that all things will turn out right!  Deep down I know that God has given me this gift and I embrace it. I should use it well…all for His glory! 

I long for the day when I meet Him and to hear Him say “This is my daughter, Teresa, you have done well!”