A glimpse into the scene of blood donation in SHPC G1 Oct 18 2020

By Martin | Translation by Catherine Wan

Oct 20 2020

KOTA KINABALU – The Kota Kinabalu Archdiocesan Sacred Heart Charity and Kota Kinabalu Queen Elizabeth Hospital successfully organized the 85th blood donation campaign at Sacred Heart Parish Center Oct 18 2020.

Although our country is facing the third wave of covid-19 pandemic, especially Kota Kinabalu being the red zone and with the recent increased number of newly infected to three digits, unexpectedly, the turnout of blood donors was very encouraging. Out of more than 100 people who turned up, 84 were eligible to donate blood.  

The SOP was strictly abided by on that day; besides recording body temperature, seats were sanitized after each use. At the venue, only four recliners were provided, hence only four people could donate blood at the same time.

The Blood Bank Center faced shortage of staff on that day due to concurrent blood donation drives happening in other places. This has caused slower process and delayed the blood donation drive to 3.30pm as opposed to the original time at 1.00 pm.

There were many people waited outside the room for their turn while some waited impatiently and walked away, most of them persevered patiently. Although the staffs were tired, they were pleased with the warm response from the blood donors.

Dr Noarti, Director of the National Blood Bank Center, pointed out that research shows that covid-19 virus does not spread through blood donation and blood transfusion. Therefore, she urged people not to be afraid to donate blood under strict SOP because infection can only spread through droplets and close contact.